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Festival Place Shopping Centre, Basingstoke RG21 7BA

07708 602339

Mon 9:00 19:00
Tues 9:00 19:00
Weds 9:00 19:00
Thurs 9:00 20:00
Fri 9:00 20:00
Sat 9:00 19:00
Sun 11:00 17:00

Yobu offer frozen yogurt and bubble tea in a unique, fun, relaxing environment. Their premium brand frozen yogurt is delicious and virtually fat free. It can be topped with a variety of tasty toppings such as fruits, nuts and chocolate. This offers customers a tasty, indulgent yet healthy treat. Their bubble tea is similarly delicious and fun. It is made from fresh green or black tea and then turbo charged with fruity or milky flavours and unique bubbles of bursting fruit juices or tapioca.
Yobu pride themselves on the natural ingredients that they use, the delicious way they present their products, and the excellence of their customer service, creating a fun, relaxing environment for every customer.