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Conversations with Colin

28 May - 23 July, 2020

“Conversations with Colin, the curious creature from another planet”

Every Thursday from 28th May for the next month.
Online Facebook event- follow Proteus Theatre Company to attend

Join conversations with Colin, the curious creature from another planet!

Colin, a small blue creature from another planet, is curious about our earth and why things are a bit different at the moment. His best friend Becky will need the help of a young audience to answer Colin’s curious questions and make him feel a bit less anxious about the world, returning to school and more.

Conversations with Colin is a digital response projects for younger children and their families. The event is designed for parents and younger children to watch together, helping children express any anxieties they might have about returning to nursery or school and how their world is different now.

Watch and join in with the event live on Facebook.