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Why Buy Basingstoke?

19 August 2020

Why should you shop local? Why should you choose to spend your money at an independent business? Why should you "Buy Basingstoke"?

Since local businesses started to re-open following the national lockdown, we’ve been calling on shoppers to show their support for our town’s independent businesses and to shop local. But why should you shop local? Why should you choose to spend your money at an independent business? Why should you “Buy Basingstoke”?


The Local Economy

We’ve all read headlines about the state of the national and global economy over the past few months. While these matters seem out of our control, we do have a say in our local economy. Local businesses are the backbone of our economy within Basingstoke, choosing to shop with them strengthens the health of our local economy.  To maintain a strong and sustainable economic foundation people need to spend locally.


Research has shown for every £10 spent with a local independent shop, up to an additional £50 goes back into the Basingstoke economy. This is because the local shop owners you are spending money with will then put that money back into our town’s local community by going to local pubs, restaurants, shops and thus circulating the money, allowing Basingstoke to thrive.


Creating Local Jobs

Shopping and investing in local businesses creates a knock-on effect for the health of jobs within our local area. Independent and small businesses are the largest employer of jobs nationally and locally provide the most jobs to the area. Furthermore, local employers are more likely to pay a higher wage than commercial chains. By helping to grow the number of jobs within Basingstoke we can, in turn, make our town a better place to live and work.


Online Isn’t For Everyone

During the lockdown, online shopping was a blessing for the many shielding or cautious about going outside. Although we seem hard-wired to think the best deals can be found online, this isn’t always the case. If you take some time to research what Basingstoke businesses are offering you will find them offering the same type of deals, if not better.


Personality and Character

Picture Amazon as a person…. You can’t can you! Now picture who cuts your hair, or runs your favourite eatery or local shop. The fantastic thing about buying from Basingstoke businesses is they are run by people, not stockholders or algorithms. You will find many of the independent businesses in Basingstoke are run by people who are from Basingstoke and care for our local community. They build their businesses in keeping with the aesthetic of our town and their memories of it. This natural affinity to Basingstoke will always be more popular with shoppers.


This personality feeds back into the customer’s experience. Many people like the personal touch of shopping within a local business and getting to know the owner and the team working there. Building these relationships elevates the experience of shopping beyond just the need to purchase something. Feedback from the Basingstoke community is also vital for small and local businesses. With more flexibility, they can adapt to customer demands much quicker than national chains. For example, at many of Basingstoke’s independent bars, you can suggest they stock your favourite tipple and they can have it for your next visit!


The Basingstoke Entrepreneurs

By choosing to shop locally you are helping to support the many Basingstoke entrepreneurs who would have never dreamed of having their own company. This also feeds back into the people they employ, with employers able to tailor training to the needs of the individual and allow them to follow their own career ambitions.


Shaping the Identity of Basingstoke

Many local businesses help to shape the identity of Basingstoke. A Town Centre with a range of vibrant independent businesses attracts more visitors to the town and boost our towns popularity. This, in turn, will make Basingstoke a more financially healthy town to live and work.


Basingstoke Charities

When you buy Basingstoke, you may be supporting your town in more ways than you think. This is due to many of the town’s businesses supporting local charities. For example, many of the Town Centre’s businesses support the Ark Cancer Charity or St Michael’s Hospice. When you buy Basingstoke, you are increasing the amount that businesses can then donate to these local causes and thus increase the work they can do for the Basingstoke community.