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Top of Our Town

01 September 2020

Time to celebrate and support a historic area of Basingstoke Town Centre with a month of action this September.

Basingstoke Together, the business improvement district for the town centre, are building on their “I Buy Basingstoke” initiative with a month-long campaign to celebrate the Top of Town. The campaign, called “Top of Our Town”, will focus on the historic area of Basingstoke Town Centre. A light will be shone on the range of businesses in the area, the unique services they offer, and the teams behind them. It will also delve into the history of Basingstoke and look to challenge our perceptions of this area of the town.

The campaign will also drive footfall with a number of promotions, one of which will include businesses offering customers exclusive deals on Market Days to encourage visitors to stay in the area.

With the tariff increases in car parking charges by Basingstoke and Deane, part of the campaign will look to allay the confusion around where the increases have occurred and where those wanting to take advantage of the one-hour free parking can still do so.

In keeping with the “Keep Britain Tidy” campaign, Basingstoke Together will be working with other Town Centre partners to organise multiple litter collections and a tidy up of the Top of Town. Employees in the town will be invited to give spare some time to help, as will members of the public and local community groups.

Jane Stewart, CEO of Basingstoke Together, said “We wanted to encourage people to use the businesses at the Top of Town and to celebrate the fact they have this historic area right on their doorsteps. It’s home to many unique independent businesses that now, more than ever need Basingstoke’s support. We see people commenting that they want more independent businesses in the town, or they want more variety. . For this to happen we need to support the ones already in the town, create a vibrant and healthy economic climate to attract even more businesses. ‘

This campaign will also introduce the public to some of the work the Town Centre Rangers undertake day to day in the area. The scheme came into operation last September and since then the rangers have been a constant presence on the streets, aiding businesses, members of the public and disrupting low-level anti-social behaviour in the area. It will also look into the work done by the “Loose Change for Real Change” which aims to tackle homelessness in the area and demonstrate how people can ensure any money they wish to donate goes to the right causes.

You can keep across the campaign by following @inbasingstoke on social media, visit or show your support by using the hashtag #TopOfOurTown