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Local Businesses Continue To Support One Another Through-out Lockdown.

12 February 2021

This new lockdown may have dealt yet another body blow to businesses in the town but many have dusted themselves off and resolved to continue supporting their customers and other local businesses throughout the borough.

Willows – Coffee House, in Basingstoke Town Centre, is delighted to have paired up with another local company, Mortimer Chocolate, to supply it with a delicious range of drinking chocolate as well as a retail selection of other flavours. Willows is now serving customers with Mortimer’s 30% hot chocolate as take-away and once lockdown is lifted sit-in customers. Retail flavoured powders are also available for purchase and enjoyment at home.

The powdered chocolate is carefully crafted to create a product perfect for drinking or for use when baking. It comes in a range of flavours including; Heavenly Salted Caramel, Tangy Orange, white chocolate and rich 70% West African Chocolate.

Mortimer Chocolate was founded by Adrian Smith with the hope that, by crafting its own chocolate powder right here in the UK, its customers would experience a luxurious drink whilst discovering the complex flavours of real chocolate.

When opening in August of last year, Willows owner Mary Stevens was keen to use suppliers local to Basingstoke. Mary said:

“ Willows is totally independent and for me I wanted to find as many locally produced Basingstoke and Hampshire products and suppliers as I could.

“I wanted to build a cosy and friendly community hub where our customers can support local whilst enjoying real quality.  I think we’ve achieved a good start with our Coffee “Roaster (The Roasting Party) and Tea (Char Tea) suppliers both from Winchester, hot chocolate from Mortimer (Mortimer Chocolate), sourdough (Beres Bakes) and cookies and cupcakes (Baked by Amelia) from two Basingstoke residents, pastries from Fourmarks (Brothers Bakehouse) and not forgetting our amazing Basingstoke crafters who sell their individual items.

“It’s been such a difficult year for everyone, we hope that in the short period we’ve been open that we’ve provided a tiny snippet of normality to our customers whilst supporting Basingstoke and Hampshire.”

You can find Willows – Coffee House at the bottom of Church Street. Due to the current lockdown restrictions, they are only serving takeaway products to customers. You can find out more by visiting