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Conversations with Colin

21 May 2020

“Conversations with Colin, the curious creature from another planet” A Facebook Live event created by Proteus and Scratchbuilt Productions. A Covid-19 digital response project for younger children and families.

On Thursday 28th May at 10 am Proteus will be live streaming an interactive Facebook live event for children aged 3-7 yrs. Colin is a small blue creature from another planet, curious about Earth and wanting to learn through stories; his best friend Becky, will try to explain why Earth is a little bit different now. Becky will need the help of the young audience to answer Colin’s curious questions and make him feel a little less anxious about going to school, where he will be the only blue creature in the class….

The livestream events will continue every Thursday over the next month, encouraging viewers to interact with Colin and Becky. The youngest members of Proteus Youth Theatre will be suggesting story ideas at the beginning, but we hope a wider audience will begin to provide suggestions for stories in the coming weeks. The project is designed for parents and children to watch together, helping younger children express any anxieties they might have about returning to nursery or school, about how their world may be different now and beginning those conversations with parents and siblings.

Proteus Artistic Director, Mary Swan says; “We have collaborated with Scratchbuilt over the past five years on creating high-quality work for the under-fives in the shape of our popular in-house Christmas shows. We wanted to create something that would help families at the moment who might be struggling to explain the changing situation to younger children and those with commensurate learning disabilities. A conversation with Maria Miller MP on the national crisis in the Arts, led on to a discussion about the effect the Covid-19 crisis is having on the mental health of younger children, and the idea began to take form. We will be launching other initiatives for young people over the next few weeks, led by our Youth Theatre members. We are a company that creates, and to not respond in a creative way to this crisis, particularly to the needs of younger people, seems unthinkable.

Find the event on Facebook here