We're all in
We're all in

Welcome to Basingstoke Together

We are the business improvement district for Basingstoke, we are a business-led organisation that uses professional expertise and experience to deliver additional improvements to a our BID area.

All BID’s are created by a formal ballot in which you, along with the majority of businesses within your area, are given the opportunity to agree to support a business plan. The plan is created specifically to deliver improvements to your business and those of your fellow business owners, by improving your area.

We’re still here to help you when lockdown is eased to help you get back to normality, just get in touch if you need anything:

James Hood

James Hood [email protected]

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Basingstoke Security

Enhanced marketing and promotion for your business

Operating five days a week, all year round and whatever the weather, they’re the eyes and ears of Basingstoke town centre, helping people find what they’re looking for and creating a sense of safety, whilst actively deterring and responding to low-level incidents of ASB and unwelcome conduct. The Rangers are fully funded by the businesses of the town centre under their business improvement district (BID) levy.

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Have a voice in your trading area

The BID currently represent a business perspective on a number of local working groups, partnerships and forums. This includes:

Social Inclusion Partnership – Focusing on homelessness across Basingstoke borough

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce – Ensuring Basingstoke Business is represented in the wider area.

Borough Business Partnership – Connecting Basingstoke business leaders and gaining a wider view on the trading environment within the borough

Town Centre Partnership – A strategic group focusing on crime and antisocial behaviour within the town centre

Strategic Marketing Group – A collective approach from the BID, Festival Place, The Malls, Destinantion Basingstoke and Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council to ensure a consistent message for promoting Basingstoke

Basingstoke Rewards Loyalty Card

Basingstoke Together Loyalty Card - Basingstoke Rewards

The BID have launched a new Basingstoke Rewards loyalty card. Available to both employees and the general public, the aim of the card is to help attract local residents and visitors to Basingstoke as well as retain staff locally to Basingstoke and encourage those who are working here to shop locally. The card is available free of charge to anyone who works for a BID business and for a small fee to local residents and shoppers.